Guild of The Bumbling Rogue
This may finally be.... the end

06/09/2020 18:06:24

UPDATE 6/9: The frame drops appear to be the result of the fact that my Spectrum Business Cable Internet connection is dropping between 1% and 6% of packets. I discovered this while testing this afternoon and the cable company is sending somebody out on Thursday. So we shall see.

So long story short - the technical gremlins associated with streaming are beginning to wear me down. If it's not one thing it's another. It's a pain in the ass to keep streaming especially when my cable modem decides to start dropping packets during a stream or when phantombot bugs me to update and the latest build won't finishing initializing on my SBC where I run it.

Today nothing seems to work as Twitch itself seems to be unable to keep me from dropping frames at a 50% rate. Maybe this has to do with a huge internet outage we had this past weekend in my area or maybe it just means Twitch is just not capable of handling whatever load is being thrown at it today. In any event, this shit just isn't worth it.

Like before, I'd rather just play games and have fun than deal with this shit. I'm not 100% on calling it a day here yet, but if I don't see some improvements come Thursday, I'm calling it quits. I love to share my love for retro and esoteric games but I really hate the constant state of alert I have to be in to keep things operational.

To those of you who watched, chatted and followed me, in the event that this the end, thank you so much. You've been an awesome audience and I hope that some other stream will benefit from your sense of community.

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