Guild of The Bumbling Rogue


I am a longtime gamer and software developer who has recently decided to spend some of his time sharing his love for retro gaming by streaming a bit of that experience to the wider world.

While I'm not very good at any of these games, I imagine you'll get a kick out of watching me rage as I experience YASD (Yet Another Stupid Death). Feel free to tell me how shitty I'm doing in chat. If you don't do it, somebody else probably will. If they don't do it, I'll probably say it myself.

You can find out more about me and this stream at the website. Wait. You are already here? Stop being so silly!


My hardware is meager and weak just like my gaming skills. Only in this particular case, that's the way I like it. The reality is that most of the games I play don't require a lot of hardware as I usually play exclusively on Ultra Books and Single Board Computers.

In the case of this channel, I'm running the entire thing on a couple of Single Board Computers. Why? Because I can and because failing at retro games doesn't feel so bad if I know that I am helping to show others that they don't need to suck down insane amounts of electricity in order to have fun on the internet.

Gaming SBC:

Streaming SBC:


After reading this you might be asking: "Why not use the ODroid N2 as the streaming box as its so much more powerful on paper?" The answer to that question is simple. The Raspberry Pi 4 has far superior software support due to its insane level of popularity which means the streaming software packages I need to run like ffmpeg are far better optimized than the same software on the ODroid N2. This means that the Raspberry Pi 4 actually streams far better than the ODroid N2 does. Thank goodness the N2 is damn good at playing retro games. Its brute raw power serves it well there as it can play N64 and Dreamcast games without batting an eye. If you are interested you can view/download the scripts I am using to encode on the Pi 4 here.


Well for starters, I'm looking to primarily spend my time playing Retro games which already makes me an odd bird as very few people stream these kinds of games on a regular basis. I strongly believe in the adage "Be the change you want to see in the world". That is why I am streaming. That is also why I am using SBCs to do it.

In addition, I live exclusively, game exclusively and work nearly exclusively on Linux. If you don't know what that is, don't worry about it. It's basically an alternative to Windows that allows me to use my computer without installing Windows. It has games, productivity software and all the developer tools I need to make a living.

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