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... Our second completely true news item was sent to me by Mr. H. Boyce Connell Jr. of Atlanta, Ga., where he is involved in a law firm.  One thing I like about the South is, folks there care about tradition.  If somebody gets handed a name like "H. Boyce," he hangs on to it, puts it on his legal stationery, even passes it to his son, rather than do what a lesser person would do, such as get it changed or kill himself.
 -- Dave Barry, "This Column is Nothing but the Truth!"

09/09/2020 19:57:44

Yeah so while I loved the process of figuring out how to get a live stream setup running on a shoe string budget with the lowest powered equipment imaginable, the cold harsh reality is that I still hate live streaming my game sessions. For better or worse, live streaming just isn't for me.

That having been said, I have enjoyed doing some of the Rogue Presents videos I've put together and I'm going to still produce some of those from time to time and upload them to LBRY as I produce them.

But as of now, my experiment with Live Streaming has officially come to an end. I hope y'all enjoyed it and of course the Twitch channel and VODs will remain available until Twitch decides otherwise.

To those of you who supported me, especially Bullfish, thanks a lot. It meant more than you know. But this just isn't for me. The fun part of this (figuring out how to make it work with the most economical equipment possible) is over for me. I'll leave the day to day streaming to the legion of tried and true professionals out there a lot of whom I also enjoy watching.

Sincerely yours,

Bumbling Rogue aka Jay

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